Value Added Services

Custom Growing

Custom growing, which is also known as contract growing, is an ideal solution for projects that will require a significant number of matching trees over the next two to five years. Streetscapes, municipal corporate and community development and long-term phased projects can all benefit from the guaranteed quality, variety and price that are offered through custom growing. In addition, custom growing can ensure availability while eliminating costly unknowns in the estimating process.

How it works

Each custom growing program is tailored to fit the specific needs of the grower/contractor. The following outline generally applies:

  • We help determine your need. The professional growers at Ruppert Nurseries will work with you to define a growing plan and to prepare a price quote to accurately meet your need.
  • We plant your trees. Trees are planted on either a Ruppert Nurseries farm or your private field. Tree/field maintenance is optional with scope and details to be determined between the grower and Ruppert Nurseries.
  • We harvest and install. In accordance with your contract, Ruppert Nurseries will charge a predetermined price at the time of harvest to dig, ball and burlap the contracted trees, readying them for transportation to the job site. Installation at the site can be included for an additional price.

Custom Growing Benefits

  • Guaranteed plant quality above market standards
  • Guaranteed availability of the specific variety that you need
  • Trees are matched for better looking projects
  • Price is fixed
  • Ability to better meet your construction schedule
  • Reduced transportation costs (if grown close to the site)