Customer Spotlight: Schumacher Companies

Posted on: December 21, 2020
Pictured Above: David Schumacher (left) and Jennifer Schumacher Harper (right)
1. What is your name and what locations/markets do you primarily conduct business in?
My name is Jennifer Harper and I am the Purchasing Manager for my family’s business; Schumacher Companies. My father, John Schumacher started Schumacher Landscaping back in 1968 and my brother David took over the family business many years later. Schumacher Companies works primarily in West Bridgewater Massachusetts, Dennis Port Massachusetts, the Greater Boston area, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Upstate New York.

2. What type of work do you do?

We specialize in landscape construction and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. We work closely with Landscape Architects and we are also driven by bids.

3. How many years have you been a customer of Ruppert Nurseries?
I have worked with Jim Davenport for many, many years. I’ve stuck with Jim throughout his career and since the inception of Schumacher Companies. We have been a Ruppert customer from the start of Jim’s career with Ruppert Nurseries.
4. How did you become a Ruppert customer and why do you continue to buy our trees for your projects?

We really became a Ruppert customer due to my relationship with Jim. We followed Jim to Ruppert. I believe that I have been working with Jim for 14 years now! We continue to buy your trees because of the competitive pricing, great service and quality. Jim is very responsive with photos and tagging. Really, you are a great company to work with!

5. Can you name an interesting or unique project where you planted Ruppert Nurseries trees? 

In Spring of 2013, we did a new construction residential job on a difficult site in Cape Cod. Ruppert sent us 32 tractor trailer loads of evergreens for this project. The trees consisted of 187 Green Giant Arborvitae ranging from 12 to 25 feet tall, 73 Cryptomeria ranging from 14 to 25 feet tall, 64 Leyland Cypress ranging from 23 to 25 feet tall and 14 Norway Spruce ranging from 18 to 22 feet tall. What was truly amazing about this project was that if a truck had not backed-up into one of the Cryptomeria, we would not have lost a single tree! I think that reflects a combination of good trees and digging practices at Ruppert as well as good planting and maintenance practices on our end. We still maintain this site today.

High profile residential project on Cape Cod. Constructed and maintained by Schumacher Companies.

Ruppert Nurseries mature evergreens strategically placed for optimal privacy.

Green Giant Arborviate, Cryptomeria, Leyland Cypress and Norway Spruce beautifully planted in this relaxing landscape.