Good Night Nursery

Posted on: December 12, 2014

A Holiday Nursery Rhyme

On a great big farm there was an evergreen and a red roof and a picture of a man standing on a rootball.

And there were three green clad folks pruning some oaks

And two little cats who chased all the rats

And a little blue tractor and a pigtail adapter

And a spade and a gator and a specialty truck

And a (not always so quiet) lady who was (probably not whispering), “Yuck!”

Goodnight farm

Goodnight Barn

Goodnight crazy dogs guarding the trees

Goodnight leaves blowing in the winter breeze

Goodnight folks,

Goodnight oaks

Goodnight cats

No cheer for the rats!

Goodnight cedars

And goodnight deer feeders

Goodnight blue tractor

And goodnight pigtail adapter

Goodnight spade

Goodnight Gator

Goodnight trucks and good luck bucks!

And Goodnight to the (not so old) lady whispering “Yuck!”

Goodnight Harley

Goodnight Star

Goodnight, and Happy Holidays to all our friends, near and far.