Ruppert Nurseries, Inc. understands that job needs do not always match horticultural deadlines. In order to help facilitate these needs, we offer additional services to help meet customer needs. We have had excellent results with all of these methods to allow more flexible shipping. There are additional expenses and risks associated with each of these services and our attempt is to share these risks at a reasonable cost to our customers.

Root Pruning:

This year we will offer the service of root pruning trees at a charge of 10% of the cost of each tree root pruned. In addition, we will require a deposit in the amount of 25% of the entire order. The 25% deposit along with the 10% root pruning fee will need to be paid prior to root pruning taking place. We will charge a 5% watering maintenance fee per month, if needed, which will begin in April and billed the beginning of each month and payable under the client’s normal terms. If any tree is cancelled from the order after it has been root pruned the 10% fee and 25% deposit will be forfeited by the client for the trees cancelled. Included with the root pruning service, Ruppert would be responsible to deliver a healthy plant in a normal package.

Above Ground Holding:

If a client chooses for us to dig and hold their material above ground we will provide this service at a 10% charge per tree, payment will need to be received prior to digging. We also require that the plant material for these orders be paid for in full prior to digging. These trees will be dug using treated burlap and placed immediately into our irrigated above ground holding area. Additionally each ball will be wrapped with stretch film to help prevent water loss and provide extra integrity to the root ball as it is being held. On a monthly basis a 10% maintenance fee per tree will be charged and payable with normal client’s terms. Ruppert will hold the trees as long as the client wants and provide reasonable care. If any tree is cancelled from the order after it has been dug the 10% fee and the cost of the tree will be forfeited by the client for the trees cancelled. The trees are not covered by any warranty and while we will employ the best horticultural practices, Ruppert is not responsible for the health or survivability of the trees being held above ground.

Summer Digging:

Summer digging is once again being offered at a rate of 20% per tree, payment for which must be received prior to the process of summer digging. This process takes 7-10 days and involves first trenching each tree and providing water every day if needed. The trees will be dug and held one day prior to being loaded on a trailer to ensure that the tree is in good healthy prior to shipping. The amount due for the trees will be payable under the normal client’s terms.

If a client requests Ruppert to dig and ship an order but it gets delayed for more than two weeks, that order will be treated like an above ground holding order. Above ground holding terms would then apply to those trees. Please refer to the “above ground holding” section for costs associated.